Saturday, June 06, 2009

Everyday now only you.

Man she look so good, and she look so fine,
still it takes me high, singing my oh my~

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sometimes, wont u want to be alone?

I dont like to be lonely, but i enjoy to be lonely at times.

I want to sit on roof top by myself, i want to lie down there at mid
night when there are lotta stars up the sky, i just wanna stay there
not thinking anything, feel the cold wind blowing on my face, my body
and my hands.
I dont want to have too much distraction, i just would like to hv a
clear glass of ice water, just me and the glass.

It might sound selfish to say like this, but i think being lonely is
what we always lack of, is when one do not need to think so much and
consider too much.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What, Why, Who?

Everything isn't too important, it is only how much one put attention
to it, everytime when we think of that something which is important,
we feel pressure and we will do anything for it.

What if we human learn how to take things a lil more easy and relax,
hv u wonder why aint we living in our way? Why must we live the way we
are now? Aint there choices? Aint there options? We have been brained
wash by this world, this society, where are we, what are we and who
are we? Hv we lost our self?
Why are we doing what everyone are doing? Cant we think of any other
way else to live on?

Who says we are suppose to be like this? Why are u telling me whats
wrong and whats right? Whats actually right or wrong?

What we really see and whats going on right now is just the creation
of others, is this the only "world" we could live in?

Are we paying too much attention to whats going on and whats gonna

How abt us? How abt ourselvess? What do we want? Or rather....
What i really want.....?

Just some random typing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Different Colours.

Different colours, colours could represent alot of different things for different people in different age, different occupation as well as different interest.

There are so many colors around us, i am not only reffering to the colour wheel you often get to see in art classes, i am not only refering to hue, saturation or chroma that artises often analyze in thier art works, but colours we see, we have, or we use in our daily life.

People often say, life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you get, but in my personal opinion, life is like a blank paper, white, clean and peace, you could be the artist of your own life? You choose your colour and you mix your colours, you paint them on your paper, and you eventually know what you get and where you will get to. And for that, how could you not know what will you get in your life?
Everybody's life is like a piece of clean and white paper, everybody could be an artist, everybody could paint on thier own paper, everybody can create thier own life, and that is what we human being has always been doing all along, it just that some of us, are just doing it unconciously.

For example, people could just get so angry and upset out of something that ain't no big deal, causing them to have a conclusion saying "i had a bad day". Comparing to some people, who doesn't really get bothered by small matters, taking things easily like "its alright, forget it" and get back on thier happy and joyful mood and go on with the day.

My point is that, it is that what paint do you prefer to paint on your own paper, since we have the ability to paint, why not we paint it nicely, beautifully, instead of mixing the wrong colours and wrong medium, causing a mess in our paper, our life?

And i always think that life is too short to get angry, mad, sad or maybe upset all the time, i would hope that everyone would agree with what i think and what i have mentioned above, we are all artist of our life, choose the colours that you like, paint the way you like and most importantly not regreting the colours you have chosen and painted. So tell me, what colors do you paint on your paper? 405 words

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's getting hot in the club

it's getting hot, in the club,
i can see, they want somemore,
i will give you more, i'm your number 1

Performed for Ys Lee dancesport 20th anniversary dinner in Royal Lake Club.

Monday, February 02, 2009

50mm F/1.4

All 50mm f/1.4 shots. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

CNY 09

o hai, i knowing its been awhiling, sorrying for no updating. now i seeing the picturing and thinking what to updating.

hereeeee is my CNY for 09, overall, it wasn't too bad, definitely better than last year, infact i don't even rmb what i did last year, all i can think of was....wahhh damn sien laa =.="
this is called 'min fan char goh'
i dunno wtf is it called in english lah go wikipedia type 'min fan char goh' and see la!

i had alot of fun this year, probably it's because i have a camera to carry around, and whadaya know, it is the FIRST TIME i gamble SOOO much in my life, all along, even if it's Chinese new year, i really never have the interest to touch cards, ofcourse it is fun to see ppl winning money and losing money, so many DiuNiaMa's' to hear. priceless. really.
this thing only appear during CNY, if one day all the chinese died they will bankrupt.

It's really nice to have reunion every year, seeing people, cousins, relatives doing things in one big group, eating, talking, gambling and most importantly, laughing.
The name is Ka Chuen, i really haven't seen him in a long long long time,
it's really nice to catch up with cousins, we use to play sands together.

he said: ahh gu gu ga ga nga nga du du *o hai, me naming is Jee Jun*

the name is Joshua bin nathan Pathipan, best cousin.
ohh he failed my grade 9.5 piano exam.

i really, seriously, cannot rmb the lat time 3 of us took a picture lovely, isn't it. *say yes lah nia seng*

Konata 2

real Konata



well, i had lotta fun this year, and i hope everyone of you are enjoying ur cny as well, lastly.